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Final Fantasy XIII-2: Collectior's Edition (Xbox 360) for $37.13

Collector's Edition contents: Special digipack packaging, including slipcase; 4-disc Official Soundtrack; Contents of concept art book, bound directly into the packaging Player-driven scenario with freedom over story progression; Multiple endings offer extensive replay value Tame and develop over 150 different monsters as party members, including iconic monsters like cactuars, tonberries, and behemoths Newly added "tuning" feature allows for greater strategic control over paradigms; Diverse in-game environments rife with NPCs offer an abundance of exploration opportunities and side missions Cinematic Action sequences blur the line between battles and cut scenes--

Deal Posted at 10/20/2012
Final Fantasy XIII-2: Collectior's Edition (Xbox 360)
$59.99 $37.13  Free Shipping 


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