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Earth 2160 (PC) for FREE

Bring your finest commander's hat as you take to the helm of an entire faction, fighting for your own survival and claiming a stake on the red planet.  There are 4 separate playable factions. The Eurasian Dynasty are the largest human faction, who rely on sheer strength and numbers. The United Civilized States, who were previously made up of cybernetically enhanced humans, except the machines went SkyNet on them and killed them all, so now it's just robots! The Lunar Corporation are the smallest, I hear, and relatively peaceful. Not so peaceful that they don't have lasers, though! Lastly we have the Morphidian Aliens, formerly imprisoned beneath the surface of Mars, woken up by those pesky humans. We think these guys are the way to go. You wish you were as cool as those aliens.


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Deal Posted at 11/13/2012
Earth 2160 (PC)
$4.99 FREE   


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